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"Watercolors were my first painting medium and my first love. They can be fickle, difficult, and even punishing because the pigment must be carried by water that will flow and run, and at different rates evaporate and no longer be part of the equation, leaving the white paper irreparably stained (hopefully as intended). They can be hard to control, and there is no going back. But the water allows a fluidity and a translucence that I feel lends itself well to the subject matter.  There's just something so very right about painting fish with water."  





All watercolor prints are giclee printed onto heavy, acid-free, archival-quality paper. They are shipped unframed so that you can choose matting and an appropriate frame that suits your decor.  Each fly fishing art print is hand-signed by the artist and numbered in the case of limited editions.  The original may also be available. 

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