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~ Turn your favorite rod into an original work of art ~


A "Timmy Grip" is the best way to customize your weapon of choice into something that is truly one of a kind.

This is not just a custom color of thread wraps, or a choice of wood for your reel seat. 

When you collaborate with Tim on a commissioning a "Timmy Grip", you get the kind of hand-made art that could be framed, but is put to better use in your hand, continuing your favorite pursuit and making new memories.


Hours of work go into painstakingly hand burning original artwork of your choice into the cork grip of your flyrod, turning the whole rod into a unique work of art. After a brush application of cork sealer, it's ready to fish. It won't just set it apart from your buddies' rods or other rods of the same model; it will be different from any rod in the world.


Send an email if you have any questions or are anxious to discuss the design you would like. The process is extremely simple: You ship just the butt section of your rod padded in a shipping tube; Tim does the work over a few days, seals it, and sends it right back. It's as simple as that!


Order a TimmyGrip gift certificate below in your name or for any recipient you choose. They can send it together with their rod to have the artwork done!  If it's for you, you can send your rod butt in immediately after checkout rather than wait for a certificate. Just send an email to let us know it's coming and talk design!

Options for a pure burn design, or with hand-dyed color added.


Colored Spiralrise Brown
Grace a rod with its favorite fly technique or species


Some rods are the perfect tool for a particular water or they specialize in a certain style or species. This rod is has large brown trout as it's prime species.





Immortalize your rod with its most epic fish.


Emblazon a rod with the greatest fish it's landed.  Like that triple-digit Cuban "Silver King".



Do something uniquely "you" or special for that rod.

Your favorite fly. Your personal Logo. Anything that's "you".  We can come up with something that is absolutely unique for you, as we did for Mr. Banias here, a science teacher.




"Saw the cutty grip on Facebook and reminded me that I need to thank you. I got the chills when I pulled that grip out and agree with one of the comments you got on Facebook,  favorite grip yet! The others are amazing as well. I will be in contact for more in the future. 


Thank You!"

-Cory Ipsen

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