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Commissioned Artwork


"Finding a fine art print with which you connect is great, and owning an original that speaks to you is much better still... but I think there is something different and powerful about taking part in the creation of something totally new, something that is as much a part of you as much as it is a part of the artist..."



If you would like to team up with Tim on a new and original project, email the gallery.

IMG_6457 (1).JPG
Jake's Brown (Original Sold)
Turn your trip's snapshot into Art...


Not every photo is a wall-hanger, but sometimes they represent important memories... or at least ones that we'd like to show off a little bit. 


"Give me your faded, your fuzzy, your out-of-focus photos yearning to be framed. The wretched refuse of your point and shoot. 


Together we can turn that scene it into the pride of your man-cave"




...Immortalize a special fish...
After catchinga trophy fish, our natural inclination is to want to have a "trophy" to preserve the memory of the battle and the triumph.  Rather than kill the fish for a mold or skin mount (that may or may not reflect what your unicorn actually looked like), most anglers today prefer to release the fish and keep only pictures. 
A life-sized commissioned painting, derived from your photos, and faithfully representing your catch, makes an excellent and unique replacement while letting the leviathan swim free. Even if you don't have a good photo of the fish; dimensions, description and comparison can be used to make a composite from your memory become a mantlepiece reality (as was the case with the cutbow shown).
...Or just do whatever you want!


'De gustibus non est disputandem'


There is no debating taste.


"My dad, who loves to add some Latin to life, taught me that tidbit, and it's true: Only you know your individual taste and style.


"If you've found a style of my work that suits your taste and would like your own personally crafted variation, or have an abstract photo that you'd like to have painted, or just have deep-dark-freaky-fishy thoughts that you want to see played out in paint... let's talk.  I love to try new things and I'm always up for a new challenge."



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