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Timmy Grips have proven to hold up very well to hard fishing over the years that I've been making them, and the sealer that I use has made them even more robust yet, but we also know that cork is a finite material.


That means I need to look forward a decade and anticipate a time when you might notice that, as the cork of your grip has worn, the contrast of the burn has started to fade after years of use.

For that reason, I offer a full-reburn service for a little less than half price of an original:


Any genuine Timmy Grip (ie. one that was burned by me) can be sent back to me to be cleaned and fully re-burned by hand.**   


Just purchase a Reburn certificate here and you can send it to me with the butt section of your rod to be reburned.


(**See Requirements section)

Timmy-Grip Reburn Certificate

  • -Available only for genuine Timmy Grips (burned by Tim Johnson)

    -Original singature must be visible and identifiable

    -Original design must be mostly visible in shape and form

    -Small details, especially those that are less visible, will be recreated and may be somewhat different than what the original featured.

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