A very limited edition of the best fly rod in the world. 


I collaborated with Orvis to hand-burn every single grip for this limited edition set Helios rods. Each features an original TimmyGrip of a brown trout rising to eat a mayfly on the 5 weight F, and a tailing bonefish taking a crab on the 8 weight D. 


The 8 weight also features a lovely blue rod label in place of the white one on other H3 rods.

The 5 weight has a more subtle olive rod label (in place of the white) and a beautiful buckeye burl reel seat. 


Your order also comes with a free addition of any print or item from my website (excluding original paintings). Yes, you can get another Timmy Grip gift certificate. Please email me at your convenience to arrange for delivery of your choice. 

Orvis H3 Limited Edition TimmyGrip Collaboration Rod

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